Aside from earthmoving and civil and mining services, Zammit Earthmoving also provides wet and dry hire for an extensive range of machinery and equipment.

Wet & Dry Hire in Mackay

A Range of Equipment

Our qualified crew of operators is professionally trained and certified to handle a variety of different machinery, providing customers with reliable wet hire services. We carry a fleet of 7 to 37-tonne excavators, with all the attachments, as well as range of trucks and more. Our equipment also includes:

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Orange Excavator — Excavators In Mackay, QLD
Crane Lifting Crates — Excavators In Mackay, QLD

Suited For All Needs

Zammit Earthmoving provides both wet and dry hire on a wide range of equipment and vehicles. But do you know the difference between the two?

Dry hire is when you hire machinery, equipment or vehicles without an operator. It would then be the responsibility of the person renting the equipment to seek a qualified operator to handle the machinery or vehicle.

Wet hire is when you hire out equipment, vehicles or machinery together with a certified operator. We provide both high-end, reliable machinery and equipment, as well as a crew of qualified operators to help get your project up and running.

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